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Bird Watching on Fidalgo Island

Amanda Hubik Anacortes Chamber of Commerce | 01/06/2017 | Skagit Valley & Fidalgo Island, Watchable Wildlife, Wildlife Viewing

Bald eagles, marsh wrens and oyster-catchers; these are just a few of the birds one can spot on Fidalgo Island. Whether you are visiting for the day or staying for the weekend there are plenty of birding opportunities to enjoy. With a pair of binoculars, your camera, and a favorite reference guide in-hand there is plenty to see while hiking in the forests, taking in the viewpoints, or strolling along the beaches. Fidalgo Island is part of the Great Washington Birding Trail which features over 350 birds throughout Western Washington.  The island has a rich array of fresh and salt water, and easily accessible woodlands. Our beaches and marshes provide both novice and advanced birders a variety of ways to see our feathered friends. 

On a winter day one might see surf scoters, western grebes and buffleheads bobbing in the water; or belted kingfishers flying along the salty shoreline. Along the forestland trails keep an ear open for chestnut backed chickadees, kinglets, spotted towhees and red-breasted nuthatches that flit within the safety of the brush. Stay on the lookout for bald eagles, resting high in the tree tops. 

With so many species of birds that live year-round or migrate through Fidalgo Island a trip to Anacortes will give any birdwatchers counts a chance to soar!

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