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Explore the Cascade Loop Scenic Byway

The very best road trip you'll ever take is the one that gets you out of your car the most. Build extra time in your itinerary to get out and explore! There's nothing quite like stepping out of your vehicle to explore a world that is totally different than the one you left at home. Charge up your phone and/or make sure you have an empty memory card in your camera because once you start walking through the wild world outside of your vehicle, you're gonna have a hard time not taking photos. A lot. 

One of the things that folks rave about when it comes to the Cascade Loop is the crazy diversity of landscapes, things to do, wildlife to see, and things to eat as you travel along. Expect vivid change about every 2 hours. Because of this, we recommend that you use this as your rule of thumb: never go more than 2 hours without planning to get out of the car and take in an activity. Maybe you just want to get out and stretch your legs. Maybe you want to hit the water on a stand up paddle board. Maybe you want to grab a quick photo op. Maybe you want to ride a horse. The world is your oyster on the Cascade Loop. You just gotta have time to get out and enjoy it!

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