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Welcome International Travelers!

The Cascade Loop is beyond eager to welcome guests from all over the world! We welcome diversity here and will do our best to help accommodate you during your travels with us. We are fascinated by different cultures and customs and are equally excited to share our own with you! We want you to feel welcome and to take home memories of your adventures with us that will last a lifetime!

While most international travelers will have traveled to the United States before, we want to be sure all of your bases are covered so that your experience visiting our country is seamless. Below are a handful of links to help be sure you experience no unpleasant surprises during your trip to our humble corner of the world.

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5 Tage Reiseverlauf in Deutsch
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Need to Know Info

Entering the US

Money, Measurements & Time Zone

  • The US uses a combination of paper currency and coins. Learn about denominations and your currency conversion before preparing to shop your heart out on the Cascade Loop.
  • Just for fun, we like to make measuring things as complicated as we can around here. We use miles, not kilometers. Inches, feet and yards instead of the metric system, and our temperature is measured in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Enjoy!
  • The Cascade Loop is located in the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST). This is good to know when making reservations and checking in after crossing a multitude of time zones.

Accessing the Cascade Loop

  • Sea-Tac International Airport offers a fast-growing number of direct flights to and from all over the world. It's a perfect jumping off point to Seattle and The Cascade Loop. Rent your car and hit the road for The Great American Road Trip! Get all manner of info on our Fly-Drive and Getting Around pages.
  • Check out the Practical Information from necessary permits and passes for trail and park access, to current roadway conditions.


Looking for a serious dose of American culture? Then you might think about adding a little camping to your trip! Don't worry if you don't have camping gear and don't want to spend a ton of money buying and flying all of your gear over. Just stop in to Seattle and pick up everything you need/want in organized inclusive camping kit rentals courtesy of Peace Vans Outfitters!