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The Cascade Loop Scenic Byway was created because of leadership in its most authentic form. Today that same ethos is pervasive throughout our organization due to the dedication and commitment of our Board of Directors, each representing their region or regions of the byway corridor. Their experience and expertise guides the actions and activities of our two managing byway organizations. 

The Cascade Loop was designated a National Scenic Byway in 2021.

Organizational Structure
The Cascade Loop Foundation and Association Board of Directors set strategic objectives for staff to act on. Board meetings, a Board Retreat, an Annual Meeting and weekly emails help ensure that plans are executed in keeping with board leadership. Historically the Cascade Loop Association was the organizing entity, focusing exclusively on promoting travel to the byway. In 2018 however, the Cascade Loop Foundation was created to take on the development of the byway and to assist in coordination of byway partnerships. The Cascade Loop Scenic Byway Board of Directors includes representatives from non-government and nonprofit organizations, special interests groups, business and tourism interests. Other stakeholders such as local, state and federal land management agencies are engaged in the development process as well. 

Our History
The Cascade Loop was the brainchild of Gordon Ohme, a businessman located in Wenatchee (part of beautiful Chelan County) back in 1978. After visiting Seattle and seeing not only the visitors flocking to downtown Seattle, but also the millions of folks living and working in the Seattle metro area, he realized that coordinated efforts really weren't happening at that time to introduce travelers to other parts of the state of Washington, and in his mind, some of its most amazing assets. So, like all the coolest folks in business, he got a hold of his friends and the group got together at a local watering hole (then called the PowWow Room at the Chieftain Inn). They commiserated, pulled out a map and started looking for the places they felt were the most iconic, beautiful and simply--fun. They found that as they did this, most of these incredible attractions were located on roadways that were already established, well-maintained and super scenic. They marked up that map and found they had not only a convenient driving Loop easily accessible from Seattle, but one that could truly showcase our state's most memorable scenic and recreational attributes -- and the Cascade Loop was born. Over the years, the Cascade Loop began publishing and distributing our ever-popular printed Travel Guide, developed a robust web presence, now offers varied advertising programs and membership levels, which has cultivated a stakeholder group that continues to grow and flourish today.

Our Future
Organizational activities are conducted based on plans set forth in our Corridor Management Plan. This plan catalogues byway resources and assets while also detailing sustainable development and marketing practices and action items. All were set into action by byway stakeholders through a comprehensive community/stakeholder engagement process.

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