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The Many Incredible Parks Of The Cascade Loop

As you can imagine, on a 440-mile scenic byway passing through all manner of towns and topographies, there are going to be not only a lot of parks, but quite a few different kinds of parks! Look for city and county parks, Washington State Parks and one amazingly beautiful national park. There are also miles upon miles of back country wilderness to explore. Take the time to make note of the lands that will require permits for access (Washington State Parks, National Park Lands and wilderness areas).

Unforgettable Parks & Wilderness

City & County Parks

Each town and city along the Loop will show it's own unique character and history through its local parks. Grab a picnic and enjoy!

State Parks

State Parks are plentiful and diverse along the Cascade Loop. Be sure to take your Discover Pass to gain entrance.

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North Cascades National Park

Explore this lesser-known jewel and be inspired by massive jagged peaks crowned by more than 300 glaciers. No entrance fee!

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Wilderness Areas

To protect untouched areas of our wild lands, Congress passed the Wilderness Act, creating designated Wilderness Areas within national forests, national parks, and certain other federal lands. Photo by Andy Porter

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