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Culinary Road Trip

For some folks food is fuel. For others (people like us) we start contemplating our next menu while we're still making short work of our current meal. Road trips can be the perfect stomping grounds for the food obsessed and the Cascade Loop really delivers. Because every hour or two, the landscape changes radically as your travel the Loop, so does the locally-sourced food, the culture of food and the vibe of the places where you'll consume it. Take time to dine out while you travel--whether in quaint cafes and diners or in higher-end fine dining establishments. You'll get a true sense of the place you're visiting and your tummy will thank you. Also, maybe take a walk or two to "shake the food down".

Some of our Favorites

Dine Your Way Around the Cascade Loop

Halibut at Anthony's in Everett

Cocktails at Campbell's Resort in Lake Chelan

Road Pie from Lisa Bee's in Wenatchee

The Grand Colonial from Pybus Bistro in Wenatchee

The Crab Sandwich from Skagit's Own Fish Market near Burlington

French fries from Arrowleaf Bistro

Fish Town at Nell Thorn in La Conner