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Food for Thought

| 04/05/2016 | Blog, Fall, Farms & Barns, Seattle Northcountry, Spring, Summer

Take it from a person who lived on an island in Alaska for 30 years; going to a bona fide Farmers Market is awesome! Don't misunderstand me, living in a 17-million acre National Forest has its culinary benefits: fresh seafood abounds, wildlife is abundant, and native berries thrive. Corn on the cob, lovely, ripe peaches, plump tomatoes...not so much. My Farmers Market came in the form of ordering on-line to an organic farm out of Carnation, Washington. They shipped crates of fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables via Alaska Airlines to like-minded families in our community. Harvested in the morning; eaten for dinner. Fresh! 

Now that I live in this area I am just waiting for June 1st which marks the beginning of the Mukilteo Farmers' Market. The market is open every Wednesday, 3:00 - 7:00 pm from June through September. Typically, there are 30-40 vendors each week, offering organic farm fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, flowers, artisan craft items and jewelry. As a give-back to the community, a free booth is offered each week to a local non-profit so they can promote their activities. School clubs, service organizations, arts and entertainment groups and community programs regularly sign up and take advantage of this venue. 

The Mukilteo Farmers' Market first opened in 2004 and has had several homes. Due to the increase in vendors and the demand for more offerings, the Market eventually settled at Lighthouse Park at the waterfront. On a busy week, between locals and those passing through, about 3,000 people stroll through and enjoy what this energetic, but small market has to offer each week. We are proud of our hidden gem and invite those driving the Cascade Loop to stop in and sample a bit of Mukilteo hospitality.

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