Travel Advisories - North Cascades Highway IS OPEN!!
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Roadway Advisories

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) does an amazing job of keeping our roadways safe and well-maintained. They also are an essential partner in keeping us and our travelers informed about any accidents, closures, or other issues that can impact the normal flow of traffic. Be sure to check out your itinerary using the following resources before you head out!

WSDOT Resources

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Stevens Pass Road and Mountain Info

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Anacortes Ferry Terminal

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Winter Driving Tips

Highway 20 - North Cascades Highway/Washington Pass

PLEASE REMEMBER that Highway 20/North Cascades Pass is closed during winter months. We get regular updates from Washington State Department of Transportation when they begin clearing the roadway and planning for reopening, but we want to make sure Loop travelers are prepared for re-routing if you are trying to get from the Methow Valley to the Skagit Valley (or vice-versa). You can sign up for alerts to get updates through WSDOT, and you can see historic Open and Closure dates here. And of course, if you follow our Social Media platforms, you'll know the day pass opens!

For the latest updates, see the department of transportation social media feeds: